Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bum Marketing Method Lovers Will Get Nuts

Do You use the Bum Marketing Method ?

If yes, then you have to read this quickly.

Now it's life.

Wealthy Affiliate Members just get a huge free gift with their membership.

The New Tool Is called "Rapid Writer", a Article writing tool and spinner from the next level. Rapid Writer take your unique or PLR articles and rewrite them in mere seconds into other, unique articles. If you know and use the Bum Marketing Method with it's Free Traffic and sales generation ability, then you know and can value this new "toy" we just get.

This alone makes Wealthy Affiliate be worth it.

Similar Article writing software cost around $40- to $97.-, but like I told we members get this for Free (like always).

This will make Article Marketing (Bum Marketing Method) much easier, and what was a tedious task before is getting as easy as many other work where you have a tool at hand.

Let me repeat the main benefit here.

Article Marketing is a FREE METHOD to get traffic and sales, and with this tool you are ahead of your competition as you can build 10 articles for a specific Keyword in a day without no problem at all. You simply make MORE MONEY with your Article Marketing.

If I could personally choose a tool to add to the Wealthy Affiliate University, then it would be this one. Now, this is not anymore necessary as we just get it - nice, really nice.

And now about the Price Increase !

Drum roll please..............


That's correct. The price will go up from $29.99 to 39.- for the monthly plan, a really modest move and together with the new tool absolutely acceptable.

BUT, Wealthy Affiliate still can be signed up for $29.99, if you get a entire year Membership. So anyone can choose out of two options. Monthly for $39.- or with a full year Membership for $29.99 a month.

And as a Member and Affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate your commissions as well increase. New we will get per referral $20.- in commission per month he will stay active, and for the yearly sign ups we will get a $175.- commission. WOW, $175.- in commission from 1 sign up, and this recurring for the years to come. Great.

So you see that this place has simply topped all my expectations, and there is more to come this year. We will keep you updated.



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