Sunday, July 6, 2008

WA Gold - Time For A New Goldrush

WA GOLD - A Internet Revolution Is Coming

Hy there, how are you doing in the "Making Money Niche?". Could use some improvement ?

I will post here a part of a e-mail I received these days from a friend of mine. It's about WA Gold

"Have you heard the news?

A brand new system called WA Gold will arrive at Wealthy Affiliate this coming Tuesday the 8th July!

Now you know that my mission is to provide you with the latest information about all the changes at WA as they happen, and I promise you will see WA Gold in action BEFORE anyone else - more on that in a minute.
But what about the hype surrounding WA Gold...have you seen/heard it?WA Gold related threads are starting to appear on all the major marketing forums, and the general word is that this is going to be HUGE.


Well you should know by now that hype plays a big part in marketing and sometimes things can get blown out of proportion. Now I've got to do something about this because some of the information being offered about WA Gold is misleading to say the least. As one of Kyle & Carson's moderators for this new system, I've been beta testing WA Gold for a few days now and I know the system INSIDEOUT. So I've picked a handful of the most asked questions that I feel require clarification:
Q1) Will it cost any extra to use WA Gold?
A1) No, it's free to all members.

Q2) Can you make money using WA Gold?
A2) Absolutely! Anyone at WA can earn money just by being a member. Earning potential thereafter is limitless.

Q3) Does it involve Adwords or any other form of PPC?
A3) No.

Q4) Social bookmarking?
A4) No.

Q5) Can people outside of WA use WA Gold?
A5) No.

Q6) Who will get the most out of it, newbie's or experienced marketers?
A6) Both. WA Gold is designed to benefit all members regardless of their experience. And it certainly will.

Now I don't want to join those on the hype boat and go all 'la la' over WA Gold, but I can assure you that this really is going to cause major ripples in the Internet marketing ocean. The way WA works is about to change forever in a truly remarkable way.

New earning methods will appear on an almost daily basis, members will earn money from inside WA, and the amount of ordinary people that become full time affiliate marketers thanks to WA will increase MASSIVELY."

That's the most of the e-mail. WOW, to say at least.

I've build a Squidoo Lens about it immediately, go and check it out, even better if you decide to hop over to Wealthy Affiliate in a sequence.

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Here is my Lens - WA GOLD - Time For A New Goldrush