Friday, May 29, 2009

What is the value of $1.- dollar ? The Wealthy Affiliate Trial for ONE dollar.

This is the very first time that this happens, so this offer is VERY LIMITED and I don't believe that it will be repeated. Trial takes place June 1th and last till June 8th.

If you like to make money online, or already make some but just miss some pieces of the puzzle or guidance, then this is most probably - no - is DEFINITELY the best offer available right now.

The Wealthy Affiliate University , counting + 25'000 members which pay a fee, opens his doors to reveal the "secrets from Wealthy Affiliates", during 7 full days. Who joins can see "personally" all what we get, and confirm once and for all if those reviews found online are the truth.

The investment? $1.-dollar, or less then 15cts a day during those 7 days.

This for a full membership, not any sample access. You get what we get.

And you can download great stuff, such as the 1'000'000.- Dollar Blueprint (diet niche), or one NICHEQ report (8 niches to choose from like dating, games, hosting, golf, insurance etc.) including feeder websites, PLR material, niche data in details and more.

If you would buy such a niche research report you would have to pay at least $47.-, trust me.

You get access to your affiliate area with your personal link to promote WA if you would like to do so, to Hosting, the RUBIX Site builder, the RAPIDWRITER article spinner with PLR articles, the research tools, the feeder sites, the WA Share zone with lot's of PDF's and tutorials.

Then the famous FORUM

7 Days pass fast and you must focus to make this trial as beneficial as possible.

Just quickly stop at stuff you will not use durin g the trial, like Hosting for instance.

FOCUS on the Forum, see what amazing value the posts have. Mainly the first posts in the forum, named "stickies" are pure gold. As well the "general success" Forum has plenty of great information from people which "made it or had first success" and started to make money thanks to to the Wealthy Affiliates.


If you stay with us you get a great bonus. You will be billed $39.- after those 7 days are over and you stay, and you get your bonus immediately.

You can choose between the books "Who Loves Money", "Beating AdWords" or "Inside the List", one will be yours. Those are all up to date and actually sold over Clickbank, no old junk.

So one way or another you will profit from this.

Go NOW to the Wealthy Affiliate Homepage =>> 1.- Wealthy Affiliate Trial Offer

- sign up to the email list (where you get a free gift by the way) and wait the promo mails kick in. If you have 1 buck to spare you join between June 1th to June 8th.

If you do so, PLEASE look out for me in the forum, my nick is bwh1.

I'm there to help you.