Friday, January 2, 2009

Niche Marketing Research at Wealthy Affiliate.

It's 2009 folks, happy new year for you all and sorry to my subscribers for the long period without any post.

Let's go back and make some money online, OK?

At the Wealthy Affiliate University there will be launched a new tool this month .

niche marketing research

As a affiliate marketer you need to spend a good time for researching your market, products, your audience etc.. Before you will spend ANY time to build a website, write a Hubpage or articles or similar you must now what you are doing, who is your audience and what they want.

BUT - research is boring, take time and is a daunting task. So all help you can get is welcome, believe me.

As #1 task you have to find a niche you can work in. THAT famous niche, or as well called "the hungry crowd". Selling ice cream on a hot summer day in Florida works definitely better then sell it in December on the streets in Montreal/Canada.

So as affiliate marketer you need to find first a group of people (the bigger the better) with a problem or a need, and then offering to them a product which help resolving that problem.

You only need to match people to products, that's it. Easy, isn't it? You bet.

I wanna give you a brand new, Free report which will help for you to find niches and reveals some tactics from the big gurus how they do it to find the money.

Go to get your Free report by clicking at the link here : Niche Hunting Strategies That Work

At that website you can read a lot about NicheQ and by leaving your email you will get the report right away.

If you feel better to read some more over a Squidoo Lens then fell free to visit mine here at

Niche Marketing Research Tool - NicheQ

Important to know is that this resource - NicheQ - will be added with no additional costs for the members of the Wealthy Affiliates, so the $39 per month just get again more value.

Check it out, you will like it.