Monday, June 2, 2008

Free Website Traffic - Where Do You Get It ?

We all have the very same problem.

How to get Free Website Traffic ?

With Google Adwords you can get fast and targeted traffic, but it cost you money, and sometimes a lot of money.

And it is a fact that you won't make money if you can't involve your website visitor in a relationship over email marketing. Email Marketing is THE only form of consistent sales. All the big gurus can confirm this, that's how it is.

To get a lot of free traffic to your website there is only ONE option left in my point of view.

It's SEO, the art of website optimization which brings your website (or sites) on Google's first page for a search term.

Needless to say that you will get more traffic, the better and higher your ranking is.

But this is a very time consuming task and you need to have a very good knowledge about SEO to be able to build your Website for that Google love it.

I have 2 options which can help you with this.

The first is a free Guide from a master in SEO, called SEO made easy. There are plenty of free tips about how to build your site, and what you should do to get a good ranking. You can download it here over the link below.

Download here a Free book SEO Made Easy from Brad Callen. Brad Callen is behind SEO Elite, what's the grandfather of all SEO software's and simply a masterpiece by itself.

This Free guide has a lot to do with what you can get if you buy SEO Elite, which helps you to save time and get top Google rankings. So if you can afford the software, it's a MUST HAVE.

The second option is a LIMITED ONE. For a while, till June 9 th, my friend Areeb let you sign up for Free to his SENuke program - you as well will get a free book as gift.

He has build this program which let you dominate the search engines over a little tweak. He gets valuable Inbound Links from social sites pointing to articles you posted, which link to your site.

You will be amazed how this works and it never has been easier to get on Google first page.

WARNING : this is powerful stuff, if you use this wrongly you will get in trouble (sandboxed) so be careful, OK. I believe that the software even will have limited access for that it don't cause too many troubles.

Check this out here and get your FREE Ebooks - Secrets To Dominate the Search Engines

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