Monday, August 17, 2009

Wealthy Affiliate - News about the NEW WAP!?

Wealthy Affiliate Platinum - or WAP - is the latest Wealthy Affiliate upgrade in progress.

In September this year, we all (Wealthy Affiliate Members off course) accounting at the moment somehwere above 30'000 members, will have the pleasure to upgrade to the new Wealthy Affiliate interface.

I'm one of the lucky beta testers and would like to give you some "behind the curtains" information (but only what I'm allowed to tell you).

Affiliate Training On Steroids

The new interface and the tutorials are completely unique and never seen before at any course or book you might have read or studied before.

Why ?

Because now YOU (the member) can add, edit, change, create etc. educational tutorials within the learning resource.

Some Key Aspects of The Training Center You Should Know:

  • Training is Categorized by topic to make tutorials easy to find
  • Each category is supervised by Experts in the specific field
  • Any member can create tutorials, video's, or upload e-books
  • Any member can edit another members tutorials
  • Any member can become an "Expert" of a Category
  • All members earn money from their tutorials
  • New emphasis on gold distribution will earn publishers more money
  • Each category has it's own Getting Started Guide
  • Ever found a spelling error at WA? Now you can fix it on the fly!
With that said, the Wealthy Affiliates will become the most complete online leanring resourse available online (in fact it already is), covering all topics, all angles, all new trends and tricks etc.

And if you are a experianced Marketer inside the Wealthy Affiliatesm now is your chance to build a group of followers to your specific speciality, simply by getting a Expert in the field. You do this by submitting tutorials, videos, PDF's etc. TEACHING people usefull stuff.

Making money within the membership site will be far easier if you deliver great content.

I will keep you posted on further news about Wealthy Affiliate Platinum