Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wealthy Affiliate For FREE ? It's Possible Till May 5th.

Wealthy Affiliate For FREE ? It's Possible Till May 5th.

The earlier post before already announced it.

3 Years after Wealthy Affiliate was launched it's time to increase the membership fee.

The price was always $29.99, and for all who will join till May 5th - THIS WILL BE THE PRICE as long as you remain a member.

We don't know yet the new price for New Sign Ups AFTER May 6th.
But some of us guess that it could as much as the double of the actual value.


Because we already have heard that the new commissions over a Wealthy Affiliate referral will be around $100.- to $175.-. So there will definitely be a substantial price increase.


It took me a while before I decide to launch this offer. After all, it will not leave me any profit at all, but it will give ALL benefits to my clients. How comes ?

I designed a Website with a great selection of eBooks, almost all from Kyle and Carson , covering different Internet Marketing segments. For who buys a book, any of them, I will refund the FULL 30.- Membership price for Wealthy Affiliates for the first month, aka he get in for Free.

What this means ?
You will get a great eBook with a proven track record (proven no scam), you will get in the Best Membership place FOR FREE (first month) and you remain in Wealthy Affiliates to the old price of $29.99 we pay now, if you decide to stay (I bet you will).

But HURRY : This offer will EXPIRE at MAY 5th. , Just Before The New Price Increase.

In the worst case you don't like Wealthy Affiliate and quit, sad but you purchased a great eBook which will help you to make money Online so you profit anyhow.

Go and see over the link below the Special Offer :

Get Wealthy Affiliates For Free - See Here

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