Wednesday, April 23, 2008

“How To Find A NICHE” A Nightmare For A Few IM's.

From my experiance there are only 2 ways you should approach IM.

A = Or you find first a good selling product and then hungry crowd for it, or
B = you find a hungry crowd, find out what they need and then get a product(s) which resolves their problem.

Option A has some benefits and can be a faster way, but it's more difficult as there is more competition you have to outbid, and if you are not yet able to build great Websites, write killer sales copy etc, then this one will be though. Let's go with the second option.

Don't try to re-invent the weehl in Internet Marketing. You are a Internet Marketer and have to make money online, that's your ultimate goal and all other options then those two are a waste of time.

Contrary to a normal business where people with totaly different needs and whishes are passing in front of a store, the Internet is segmented in millions of groups of consumers, so called NICHES. So a niche can be described as a group of people with the same interests, and a HUNGRY CROWD is nothing else then a niche where you will find buyers who have the SAME PROBLEM.

VERY IMPORTANT for you to know is, that those groups are already there, they already exist, and they already communicate over the Internet.

So your task is FINDING a hungry crowd (or niche), understanding what they need and want, finding the product(s) which help them resolving a problem and ultimately, you have to build a vehicle (Website) to put your offer in front of those buyers.

Obviously it is a benefit if you find a niche and products in a segment you are familiar with. Some hobby of you, or your Job or general work experiance are a great resource. But if this is not the case don't worry, you can "steal" information from your competition, or buy information.

Let's take as example that you are a music freak, you could find a niche in several segments like
how to play a musical instrument , music download sites, single track download sites, CD / DVD sales, CD burning software, iPod software, instruments (guitars, drums, piano), portable music devices, car stereo electronics, vintage music collector items etc..

Then a other secret that principally Newbies are not aware off. No Internet Marketer has only one Website and only one campaign to promote his Affiliate products. You HAVE to offer the same products over different Websites to the same crowd, but promote them each time from a different angle. This we call GOING DEEP into a niche.
It's much better to ge deep then broad, meaning that it is better to have 20 different Websites in the same niche, then 20 Websites in 20 different niches.

Now, how to find a niche ? Each SEARCH TERM which is used in Google&Co. to find something is in theory a niche.

Of course there has to be a limit to this as some people do search only for fun (surfing), some or teens without a credit card (but they can be interesting as they have a Mom and a Dad who have a CC) or people who have a problem, but just look for information, and not yet for a solution.

Again a example :
“Pain” would be a very broad niche, 268.000.000 Results
“Back Pain” already narrows the niche 12.800.000 Results
“spinal column back pain” = may be a great niche, only 421 competing Websites as Result

So we go to the Google Keyword tool here, by the way a great Free Keyword tool if you know a little how to use it and check the keyword search volume.

The result for our Keyword show us that there are very few searches, perhaps good enough for Article Marketing to drive some traffic to our Website, but not enought for a Website.

But look at the synonims, check always all results.

There I found “lower back pain treatment”, which has a average search volume and only 20’100 direct competing pages, meaning that there is a good portion of people searching for this Keyword, but that we don’t face that much competition.

And the Keyword contains the word “treatment”, what tells us that those people are looking for a solution for their back pain problem - definitely worth to build a site for.

Now you have your niche, and believe me, there are really a lot of people with back pain who are looking for help.

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