Monday, June 21, 2010

Setup a Wordpress Blog in seconds, NOW as well at the Wealthy Affiliates.

Long time I don't post here....


But things are going wild around my business and I have less time then ever. So I will keep this SHORT, OK.

First, I have a new site for WA, check it out here Wealthy Affiliate Bonus .

Second, you might heard the news that Wealthy Affiliate had a price increase last month.

I always told to my list that they OVERDELIVER and that the price will go up one day. You have to pay now $3.30 a day to be a member, not the world if you have a goal.

Third, a brand new tool was just released, it's a WP Blog setup feature (in 3 clicks).

If you have a domain, you simply direct it to WA Hosting (free with your membership) and then setup a Wordpress Blog at this domain in a few clicks. Takes max 1 minute to do.

I agree that the Blog is still empty, a default template. But after you have this setup you just fill in the content you want and work on the template and the plugins...

This is as easy as it can get, principally for Newbies.

And getting a website up and online is for MANY a huge hurdle. WAS a big hurdle.

Check it out over the Wealthy Affiliate Review Here.

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