Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wealthy Affiliate Review about the new Platinum Interface

Wealthy Affiliate Platinum , guess you heard of it already.

The totally new, overhauled site will open for Members a brand new world of "learning" what Affiliate Marketing is and what it takes to make money online.

Face it, the shortcuts you see all the time in new launched ebooks to "copy and past" just don't make it. The proof ? Why in hell you still ain't make money, even after you bought the latest guru BS ?

Take a look what the new Wealthy Affiliate Platinum Interface looks like over my video here.
Sidenote: I had to go undercover to show you this, that's why I look like Batman (sort off, I'm cuter)

Well, and what really kick's is the fact that you can learn ALL about Affiliate Marketing at your own pace, the way you want.

New feauters will be :
- New Interface, easier to access your tutorials
- New learning resources, all is combined within one place
- Interactivity, you and everyone else will be students and teachers
- Faster speed
- $1 dollar trial for 14 days, easy to refer folks for a test drive
- New Keyword tool, AWESOME
- Signup Bonus worth at least $47.-
- and many more

and MY BONUS (limited to folks which I refer off course)

Personal coaching within the Wealthy Affiliates as long as you are a member - worth at least $995.- .

I'll help you with all you need to succeed. My knowledge cut you learning time in half (at least)

So I think there isn't much what can hold you back to try out the Wealthy Affiliates new Platinum Interface, comin soon september 15th.

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